Technical Education, a vehicle to attain a developed Africa

by Fonban Emmanuel

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The agenda to take Africa to another level when it comes to industrial and economic development depends sufficiently on the type of education we invest on nowadays. It can not be argued that general education does no longer provide the quality of people we need to make emergence possible in Africa. General education has produced more of labourers than architects who need to do the ground work in laying a foundation for a better Africa.

Unfortunately, most African countries have invested so many resources rather in general education while ignoring technical education. This can only be visible in the number of general education schools which are so many times more than technical schools in Africa.

The consequences of these is that, we will continue to hire resources from other advance countries to build our countries in Africa and their cost sometimes becomes too difficult for us to afford.

Africa is rich in natural resources and these resources have often been transformed elsewhere and final products sold to Africans at more than tripled prices.

It is possible that Africans can be able to invent and transform ideas and resources if they acquire quality education. This is the responsibility of policymakers and those who hold executive positions in every country.

It is vital for occupational education to be adopted and promoted in Africa such that each an every citizen can go to school to get hard and soft skills that can enable them to be a component of problem solving systems in every country rather that being lecturers of doctrines that can’t be practiced.

If Africa succeeds, to redefine its educational model and adopt technical education with professional programs that can enable citizens to acquire better and useful skills from schools, a huge problem would be solved in the continent.

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