THE HORIZON newspaper dishes out financial awards at its 15th anniversary.

THE HORIZON newspaper dishes out financial awards at its 15th anniversary.

by Fonban E. Lendzemo

Laureates with the Publisher and the representative of the minister
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The leading English biweekly newspaper in Cameroon called THE HORIZON has celebrated its 15th anniversary. This unique event took place on Friday, March 19, at Muna’s Foundation in Yaounde, Cameroon’s capital city.

The event was attended by reputable persons like the Representative of the Minister of Communication in the person of Philip METUGE EKANEY who is now the Inspector General at the Ministry of Communication, as well as laureates among those, HRH Nfon Mukete IV Ekoko who is the supreme chief of the Bafaw. Other laureates who attended the ceremony were; Emmanuela Mvemnyuy of CRTV, Ateh Bazore who is SONACAM’s Board Chair, the Publisher of the lone English daily in Cameroon called THE GUARDIAN POST, and many others.

Celebrating in this rare event, the Publisher/Managing Editor of THE HORIZON in the person of Gerald Ndikum gave a brief history of the paper since its creation while expressing his gratitude to those who have stood by the paper in the twists and turns. He expressed special gratitude to Prof. Ngolle Ngolle and Bar. Ntumfor Nico Halle who helped enormously at the foundation of this race of THE HORIZON in the media sector. This anniversary was marked by a special achiever’s award organised to celebrate those closer to the heart of THE HORIZON.

“For many years, Journalists have often been seen as people who only take, so we wanted to shift the paradigm and say we too can give back to the community which gave us, through buying of the paper, through adverts they gave us, the paper was able to grow from what they gave us” said Ndikum Gerald, the Publisher/Managing Editor of THE HORIZON.

Laureate receiving an award from the Representative of the Minister

Giving positive remarks to the Publisher of THE HORIZON and his vision for the paper during the ceremony, the Inspector General of the Ministry of Communication served his blessings to the paper for its resilience.

He used the opportunity to talk about press aid offered by the Ministry of Communication to newspapers and other media organs which is often abused. Philip Metuge Ekaney in his words said some Publishers begin their partying just after collecting the package from the Ministry of Communication in a bar beside the Ministry. This to him is not responsible as the funds are aimed at subsidizing publishing and not for beer consumption. Talking about consistency, he said it is vital for papers to be consistent unlike those that appear and disappear but run after press aid when time comes.

THE HORIZON had a positive mark in this following its progressive consistency, which took it from a weekly to now a biweekly and even sometimes triweekly as it is anticipating to maintain.

THE HORIZON’s achievers award coming in their 15th anniversary celebration surprised and excited the laureates who expressed their happiness as follows;

“I really feel delighted that the contribution we are doing to our nation is recognized because when you receive an award as such, it encourages you to do more and I think it is a boost for me to do more” said Dr. Mboh Susannash who is the Coordinator of the Vocational Institute of Entrepreneurship and Business Management.

cutting the 15th anniversary cake

Vision 4’s Jean Jacques Ze in his words said; “I am very happy because it is the first time I have this type of award. I am the only francophone to have this award. I feel happy that THE HORIZON newspaper has the potentials to appreciate what we are doing every day for the development of our country”

HRH Nfon Mukete IV Ekoko was not different in expressing his share of happiness as he sounded;

“Being a traditional ruler, to be recognized by a media organ in a time like this, it is a pleasure”

Nervis Nzometiah who won the presidential award for his tech project was among the 12disciples of THE HORIZON and renowned for his technological projects aimed at developing communities.

“I want to start by thanking THE HORIZON for its achievement so far and I feel so honored and privileged for this recognition that I was chosen among the 12people. I want to thank them for recognizing me because it is not easy being among people like this.  I am particularly interested in community development. I wish to see that our country grows in technology because that is my field” he said.

Ngah Christian, Publisher of the renowned daily; THE GUARDIAN POST which now prints 6times a week, received this award and said he was dedicating it to THE HORIZON’s Publisher who was his teacher in his early days in Journalism where they worked at the defunct newspaper called THE HERALD.

The ceremony ended with refreshment as THE HORIZON loads better services with other plans to expand the paper into other dimensions that will make it more available anywhere.

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