Those with only Certificates will soon be jobless. Acquire skills.

by Fonban Emmanuel

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The world is fast changing and there is no one who can doubt about this transition in every sector.

Days ago, I found myself connected to one African diaspora based in Netherlands. In the course of our communication, she presented to me their new digital company which they are soon launching to serve freelancers and job providers with a platform to interact and provide services in exchange for their benefits.

She explained, the value of their company and I saw the incredible opportunities it could provide especially for the African community and the world at large. This is because, everywhere there are people in need of services and sometimes it is hard to trace service providers. However, in some parts of the world, there are also many people with incredible skills who lack jobs. Considering that this platform is for job searchers and job creators, it makes it possible for anyone in any part of the world to get those with skills or those in need of skills at just registering free into their system.

However, in the course of our discussion, as she encouraged me to register as a Taskee, I don’t, know what happened that a suggestion came that I could be spearheading marketing and communication for her company in Cameroon. She asked for what it will take for me to do that and I propose the financial package that could permit me to be her employee.

Without arguing on my proposed salary, she told me to draft a marketing plan that will enable me to achieve the desired goals of her company. I immediately switched from our conversation and started thinking of what to write in the marketing plan. As I figured out what could work for her company in Cameroon, I remembered that she did not ask my level education or if I studied marketing in school.

She simply wanted to know how efficient and productive I can be in marketing and communication. Whether the deal will materialize or not, it was so amazing to me that the papers called certificates are gradually losing value and giving way to skills whether with certificates or not. This experience informs me that over time, employers will no longer have interest in certificates as prerequisites for employing people to work at any level. Employers are gradually noticing that those with skills are more efficient and productive than those with certificates only.

This is coming in an era where people have learned to acquire certificates by hook or crook and the consequence a downfall of many businesses and institutions due to people who have certificates without skills occupying offices.

Until the time comes when people will start going to school to acquire skills and not certificates, then certificates will gradually have no value in the world.

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