Many people nowadays have missed the purpose of life because they misused time. It’s being said that time is life. This doesn’t mean the breath that keeps one growing comes from time, but the fact remains with no arguments that time is life.

Someone might ask, why say time is life when all time does is pass every second, minute, hour, week, month and year without recovery if wrongly spend?

The answer is simple, the way you spend your time is absolutely the way you spend your life. The worth of your life depends on how and who you spend your time with.

Do you spend your time in beer parlors, having unnecessary chats, talking about and judging others unnecessarily?
Do you spend your time serving God, building a career, a business, discovering your potentials and putting them to work? These questions and many others could inspire an answer in you.

After knowing how you spend your time with, its important you check who you spend that time with.
Do you spend time with vision carriers or beer ambassadors?
Do you spend time with world changers or complainers
Do you spend time with the swift or the lazy?
Do you spend time with the right or wrong people ?
The answer is still yours to tell.

The purpose of this article is to help you analyze your life your life and see how to make it great and fulfilling. To help you build a great future by spend time rightly and with the right people

How and who you spend your time with determines if you are living a purposeful life. It determines if you are building a future or not.

When you spend time with the right swift and hard working people, you will discover your thinking is becoming different from what it use to be with lazy people and beer ambassadors. These sets of people help you think big. They help you start little from somewhere and hit it big with hard work and determination. You start thinking big, working hard to achieve great things and living right like them.

When you spend your time right and with the right people you that enjoying and finding life more fulfilling than ever.
Remain blessed as you make good use of your time.

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