Traditional Dr. Dewah humbles COVID-19 with plant medicine.

By Fonban Emmanuel

Dr. Dewah
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Dr. Dewah of the Dewah and Bros Modern Traditional Clinic International with headquarters in Kumba has been one of the outstanding traditional doctors who made efforts to come up with a cure for COVID-19. He was displaying his traditional medicine at the Yaounde congress center during the special plenary sitting on traditional medicine at the National Assembly organized on Thursday, June 25, 2020.

Talking to media persons during the event, Dr. Dewah expressed his disappointment on the discrimination against traditional medicine and the preference for imported medicine.

“As far as traditional medicine is concerned, before the modern medicine came, people were taking care of their health problems. Africans had their traditional medicine, the Europeans had theirs and others. With the coming of modern medicine, our traditional medicine has been shadowed to the extent that we are marginalized. The World Health Organization says 80% of the world depends on Traditional medicine, yet we don’t give priority to our own traditional medicine” said Dr. Dewah as he aired his worries.

He spelt out that traditional medicine is broad with many specialties and it becomes difficult to rate their performance especially when the government bundles them and sees them without distinction. To Dr. Dewah it is important for the government to group them in different factions depending on their specialties such that it could be easy to rate their performance and also know who is doing what.

 Talking about the treatment of COVID-19, Dr. Dewah and his team have a variety which they believe can do away with COVID-19 and rebuild the health of victims. He said his medication has cured a good number of people though he could not have statistics of those who have been cured considering that he has many centers.

One of his great traditional medicine is 200 DISEASE CURE.

“200 DISEASE CURE works for Gastritis that could lead you to hyper tension. Since all these diseases affect the respiratory system, corona virus uses them to manifest. This means these medicines can deal with corona. So, we are using these medicines in curing COVID-19 patience” Dr Dewah added.

He believes the special plenary with the members of the National Assembly will help in reinventing the trust in traditional medicine which he believes can go exist with modern medine.

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