UCCC elections; will Mayor Dighambong’s heavy plan gets him votes to become President.

By Fonban Emmanuel

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The Mayor of the Wum Municipal Council in the person of Dighambong Anthony Mvo, on Saturday 24 October 2020, during a press conference at the parliamentary hotel in Yaounde declared his candidacy for the presidency in the upcoming elections of the United Councils and Cities of Cameroon abbreviated UCCC.

It is important to note that UCCC was created from merging two Councils associations in 2003.

This structure has an objective to assemble all 374 government councils in Cameroon among which are 360 municipal councils and 14 city council.

Dighambong Anthony, currently serving as the Mayor of Wum since 2013 is 50yrs old with a wealth of experience in political administration. He has a background in Science with a Bsc in Physics and professionally a teacher in the same subject.

His current political seat wears so many caps including; National Bureau Member of the YCPDM, Coordinator of the North West YCPDM, Member of the Menchum Divisional permanent Delegation of the CPDM Central Committee and President of the Scientific and Technical Committee of UCCC from 2015 till date.

Talking to the press during a press conference on Saturday, Mayor Dighambong Anthony promised to use his experience and competence to serve UCCC with nothing but good leadership.

“My Dynamism, being always a leader and not a boss and savoir faire that has been breaking grounds in the North West Region, exemplified way back by coordination in July 2011 of the ground breaking tera meeting of the youths to launch the candidacy of President Paul Biya, notwithstanding peace that now reigns in Wum” said Mayor Dighambong as he preached his manifesto to the press.

Dighambong promised to follow up every preoccupation of UCCC if he is given the chance to occupy the post of the president and equally vows strengthen the credibility of UCCC if the elections favours him.

On his goals, he promises UCCC a “Mayor’s Hotel” in Yaounde that will offer comfortable accommodation to municipal and local electives with considerations on affordability and special treatment. Among many promises in his agenda if elected, the Mayor has a plan to construct a better national headquarters of UCCC and ensures UCCC networks with Pan African and International Municipal networks.

As elections scheduled for November 3, 2020 approaches, Dighambong Anthony is continuously arming himself as he gets forward with his campaign to ensure that he is proclaimed winner as UCCC President in the upcoming elections.

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