finance minister, Alamine Ousamane Mey talking to the press
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The inter-Ministerial Programme Review Committee (IPRC) created by the Prime Minister, head of government on 17th August 2011, last Monday 31st July 2017 opened its sixth session chaired by Alamine Ousmane Mey, the finance minister. The session brought on board; Secretary- Generals of Ministries and Institutions, guest in connection with the budget as well as finance committees of the lower and upper houses of the National Assembly.

  With target to man the preparation of the state budget, the committee also checks into the public policy objectives, ensuring compliance of programmes with law No2007/006 of December 26th 2007 on the state fiscal regime. Alamine Ousmane Mey, the Finance Minister spoke to the press;

“Let me first of all say that the Inter-Ministerial Programme Review Committee is holding its sixth edition since inception of public finance reforms in our country. We are in a situation where particularity should be taken into consideration with respect to 2018 project finance bill. This is to see the concerns which have been addressed during the conference held in December here in Yaounde , are taken into consideration in preparing our budget for 2018. Of course these challenges have been addressed at the fiscal level, at the monetary level, at the cooperation level reform as well as integration in the sub region. This is one of the measures being taken but at our level, the head of state through his circular of June 20 has made it clear that the state should pay more attention on its expenditures. The state should do its best to collect more revenues so that our programme towards becoming an emerging country by 2035 should be maintained properly. We want to believe that the Inter-Ministerial Committee which is going to review all this programmes is well equipped based on the experience over the last five years. We have learned a lot about improving on our public finance management. We are doing everything possible to implement reforms towards results orientate budget. This is to ensure that our means are well used and that and that the public policies being implemented are delivering the results expected by the population. Definitely this year is particular because we are in the last year of the 2016/2018 programme, beyond this period, we have to implement new reforms, we have to review what the committee is doing, we have to adjust our strategies such that its added value should continue to help our country to implement its policies properly. Of course we are looking for on how to face all these difficulties with the support of our partners and this is the reason why IMF approved a programme to support our nation to give more means and this means will be added by other means coming from other institutions like the World Bank and the African Development Bank. We are expecting more than 800billion cfa. All these means will help our country which has shown resilience to maintain its course to continue to develop itself to worth an emerging country by 2035. This is the reason why we are full of expectation that the experience gathered over the last five years will help this committee do a great job. We want to project ourselves into the future with serenity, with hope and with commitment”

  The activities of the committee during this session are therefore expected to yield fruits that will be able to grace the budgets in the various ministries and also cements rough utilization of budgets such that monitoring parameters could be used to ensure accountability.

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