What encourage partners to cheat in love relations?

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Cheating is top among the reasons that tear love relations apart and transform lovers into enemies. There are many reasons why partners find themselves cheating even though there are people who naturally enjoy multiple short term relations that are never genuine.

A case of partners in a marriage or those ambitious to marry sometimes see cheating by one partner as enough reason to kill the love relation between the two and move different ways. Sometimes hatred is the consequence of such separation motivated by cheating.

Cheating is a general problem of every race and there is no race without cheats. Chiwo clinton in Cameroon living in Yaounde says “It is an African culture, from creation, polygamy was legalized. Men are moved by what they see. The weakness of the woman and the power of women over men”.

Marie Dubica in her opinion says people cheat “because they are idiots”.

Even though the reasons some women say women cheat only because men cannot give them the best sexual satisfaction they need or give them the attention they need. Cheating has often been tagged more on men but women have been guilty of cheating in many situations.

“Men naturally are cheats. A man feels that there is still another thing to discover in a woman’s vagina. Once a woman passes and shakes the buttocks, a man wants to adventure to show the lady that he is a man. It goes on and on” says Peter Tatah.

It is unfortunate that nor matter how people find pleasure in cheating, it hurts others and tear love relations apart.

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