YES Cameroon organizes a branding and packaging conference

By Fonban Emmanuel

Enwehmeh Gilbert talking at the seminar, beside him other panelists
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The Youth Employment Service also known as YES Cameroon on Thursday, 27 August 2020 organised a conference on branding and packaging with caption, “Branding and Packaging towards Industrialisation.

The conference brought together some 150participants from different sectors in business to advise them strategically on how to excel in their brands.

The conference had different phases which discussed challenges in branding and packaging as a hindrance to the success of many small and medium size enterprises.

In a panel discussion which sustained varying ideas on branding and packaging, the panelists pointed out that many products in the local markets fall short of standards when it comes to branding and packaging and this is reflected on their performance in markets.

“If consumers are deviating from not consuming Cameroon made products, one of the key reasons is branding and packaging. Identity and the brand are very important for consumers. Those producing products in Cameroon need to brand and package properly. Too many of them are doing it manually and traditionally for even over 5-10years. We are moving towards industrialization and branding and packaging is key” said Gilbert Ewehmeh who is the Managing Director of YES Cameroon and one of the panelists in the discussions.

Participants at the conference

The panelists argued that, a poorly branded and packaged product can not venture competition when it reaches a global market.

It is important to know that many companies in Cameroon use undegradable plastics to package and the government’s policy to stop the use of these materials has been another challenge to most companies.

From the three high level panels which featured discussions on the role of government and development stakeholders in branding and packaging towards industrialization, the role of professional organization in promoting start-ups and small and medium size enterprises, the panelists drilled participants and brought them to light on the relevance of the topics and also shared better approaches that can take them to new horizons.  

However, Gilbert Ewehmeh of YES Cameroon recommended that there is need for coordination and cooperation in the activities of government structures that relate to the business sector.

To him, this cooperation can bring about a strategic paper which can help regulate the level of branding and packaging of local products.

From the perspective of the organizers, they believe packaging determines the performance of any product in the market. To them, failing to package well is destroying the product and the consequence on this is a complete lost in the capital.

The attention the participants gave to the panelists during the conference was an indication that the issues discussed were worth transforming their businesses if implemented ideally.

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